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Gunung Lang Recreational Park, Ipoh. (Images by Shah Said ; 2020 ; @ all rights reserved)

Kellie’s Castle. Also known as Kellie’s Folly. A labour of labour of one William Kellie Smith. (@ all rights reserved)
Lata Iskandar
Lata Iskandar – a pit stop not to be missed. The natural beauty of Lata Iskandar with the sounds of water rushing downhill in the background, amidst the cool air of Lata Iskandar is a sight to take in and enjoyed. (@ all rights reserved)
Welcome to Lata Iskandar
Welcome to Lata Iskandar. (@ all rights reserved)
The cascading waterfalls of Lata Kinjang (@ all rights reserved)
The Orang Asli's Warong
Rows of petai plucked from the jungle, better than the ones obtained near the fringes of the jungle. (@ all rights reserved)
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